Lux Labs June Update

Just one month after we introduced ClearBright to the world, it is already shining. Our first installation at Laced, a streetwear boutique, is lighting up their storefront in the Seaport. Before installing ClearBright, the storefront was a blank canvas after dark. Now, it’s still a normal transparent door during the day, but a digital billboard at night. Each night, ClearBright illuminates the door of their shop with information, flashing graphics, and video content. We have helped Laced utilize their location near Boston’s nightlife to create brand awareness 24/7. However, ClearBright is not limited to our home city. 

We have spent the last month enlightening the AV, Digital Marketing, and Architecture industries to ClearBright. We launched the product on May 14th at industry conference Display Week. ClearBright’s unique qualities, such as 360 degree visibility, high transparency, and easy application, helped the product shine while surrounded by competition. Lux Labs’ head of product Tim Phan attended Neocon and Infocom in the last week to further expose our product. 

While our partner companies use ClearBright for marketing and exposure, we use ClearBright every day in the office. Lux Labs and our cousin company Lightelligence use the product for video conferences, presentations, and the occasional Bruins game after work hours.  ClearBright has left our office and is now out in the world. Please go look at our demos at Laced Boston in the seaport, Lynx Fitness Club on Arlington street, and our headquarters on Summer Street. We promise that seeing ClearBright in person will light up your day!


The Lux Labs Team


ClearBright demonstrations may light up an A.V or Signage showroom near you in the next few months. Stay tuned.