Angular-Selective Transparent film is the only material-system that allows light at specific angles to transmit, reflecting light at all other angles. 


Technology Applied

Angular-Selective Transparent film can be used in electronic displays for brightness and privacy enhancement. When using our film, battery life can be extended by concentrating the display's light toward the viewer. Our film can also be utilized for light-controlling features in windows and high-efficiency solar energy conversion.


Transparent, Energy-Saving, Privacy Filter 


Solar Energy Harvesting 





Dynamic Architectual Windows 

Concept in Action

The below video shows the first experimental setup. At the start of the film, the sample is reflecting the camera (an iPhone). A rainbow figure is placed behind the sample. The sample rotates demonstrating that at most angles the sample is reflective. At one point the viewer can see the rainbow figure through the sample, demonstrating transparency at this angle. The use of a rainbow figure demonstrates the effect occurs across the visible spectrum.  


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